quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2008

Preguiça de traduzir...

...mas isso foi o que escrevi ontem no DeviantArt!

First of all, let me wish you all a very, very happy new year!
No time, mojo or enough words to make a retrospective here. But I can say this year gave me a huge professional growth. I´m now a professional, wheater they want it or not. I´m graduated, I´m working, I´m teaching, I´m publishing, I´m inside.
I thank all the people who made this possible and I can assure you that as long as it depends on me, I´ll keep striding and going further.

My website is now fully updated. The English version is coming very very soon.

Also, even though I have no news about my upcoming comics in the US, I´ll just let you know what´s coming in 2008, some day, somehow.

Layer Zero #2 will feature stories about TIME. Me and my friend Mariana did a great comic, which you already read, called "A gift for a friend". We changed the name to "Dry Leaves", which is so much better, and we altered a little the text. But the result is great.

Also, Negative Burn #16 (I guess... or is it 17?) will feature my comic "Pieces - The Rain", which I´m very proud of. I also don´;pt know when it´s coming out either. Printer problems and the end of the year´s parties got everyone away. But it´s coming, I assure.
(Also, the recent Negative Burns have stories written by my friend Elton Pruett, sop keep an eye on it.)

"Pieces - Another Shot" will appear in Shrunken Wool, anytime soon too. All of these projects are already closed, my pages are already with the editors, we´re just waiting (a lot) for the comics to be printed.

Also, with all my comics published in the web (both here and at my site, and soon on comicspace), I can consider that people will read it, and maybe, who knows, they can bepublished in real paper sometime. I´ll start talking to brazilian editors about publishing all the existing Pieces in a paperback, and it could possibly be reality in the US too. So if you have any contact with publishers that are interested in new stories, tell me.

I´ll talk to Jim Valentino again and try to reach someone at Dark Horse.

Meanwhile, I´m inking the last page of "Breakfast", finally. It took me a loooong pause between the first inking attempt and now, but the result is good. It´s not my best work, obviously, but I like it. It´s melancholic (duh), it´s silent, it´s suffocating, and it´s poetic.
Thanks to my dear friend Geandra for the inspiration.

Alçso, remebering Mariana Guerra from "Dry Leaves". We have a story taking shape called "Meio-Termo Cafe" (something like "Halfway Coffee". It kinda mixes Amelie Poulain, 10 Paezinhos, Eisner and Strangers in Paradise. Looks pretensious, but it´s a growing project. WE hope to publish it until the end of the year (is I can get time to draw my stuff again)

And the greatest project so far, more than a year in them aking, is a great story written by Elton Pruett, called "by the southern grace fo God" (Dude! Could I tell the name or was it meant to be a secret?). Just wait to see. Right noe Elton is finishing the words and I´m starting research on characters, locations. and, best of all, the music. Yeah, it´s about music. Good music. 8- D
Just wait and see!

I bought Fun Home, by Alison Brechdel last week as a gift to myself, and I read it in a few days. It´s great. It´s beautiful, wonderful, deep and shallow at the same time. I loved her drawing style, her narrative and the text. It makes me want to write and draw my stuff again, full of those embarrassing auto-biographic moments, that cause so much trouble. Because you keep the story in the draeer for months and when you finish it and publish, many things have changed.

For exemple, my newest Pieces. Called "Just Passing" (or "Passing By", haven´t decided yet on the translation), I drew it after the very same happened many months ago. It´s a same old theme for me. But it´s one of the most poetic and meaningful. I wrote/drew it as an escape, so that could be exorcized (whoa). The pencils are done. The text is done. I need to ink it. But whern I looked at it, I realized somehings.
First, how stupid I was/am. Second, after this time things changed. I´m dating, I lost many friends, I started working, ?I gradueted, I have a new band, Rolling Stone published me, I worked a lot. But you know... that feeling, there in the deepedt of the heart and soul, is still there. And for that, I can be considered stupid.
But somethings you just can´t avoid. Or control.

And I know, from another experience like that, that if I ink and publish this, I´ll cause some trouble with my current situation. It happened the same qhen I published "Another Shot" here, back in 2005 or 2006.
Also, shame on me, the theme is.... the same, I guess.

Now, Another Shor is being published in the US, has been read many times in the web, and I´m planning on inking a very similar problem. 8- D

Well, it´s either this or archiving it. I´d reather let you guys read and tell what you think. It´s a very Piecesy piece of Pieces; and sorry for the pun.

Well, that´s it, I couldwrite a lot more, but let´s leave the mind work on other things.

See ya soon!!

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